At Balance Chiropractic, we provide neurologically based care to determine where you’re having nerve interference in your spine. This interference is also referred to as a subluxation.

A Gentle Approach to Help Your Body Heal

We will make sure we can remove that interference through our very gentle and specific adjustments. No twisting or popping. Your body will be able to heal from the inside out and be able to function the way it’s supposed to!

Our Techniques

The Pierce Results System is a systematic approach towards the spine. It is a step wise process to deliver the best care for our practice members.

It involves utilizing neurological assessments to determine the state of your nervous system. This assessment is performed before and after each adjustment to see how your nervous system responds.

It also involves using postural x-rays to see the structure and health of your spine. The motion x-ray is used to evaluate the motion of your spine and notice how it moves through what should be the normal ranges of motion.
The adjusting technique is very gentle and specific. We utilize a drop table that ensures less force on your body and no need for the normal twisting, popping or cracking noises. We also use a computerized instrument adjuster to deliver an exact adjustment to what your body needs at that time. With all of these tools, we are able to deliver results driven care.

Neurological Assessments-Thermography

This tool utilizes infrared technology to determine stress in the spine. In simple terms it measures the temperature along the spine, which is directly correlated to blood vessels in that area correlating to nerve interference. With this technology, we are able to see how subluxations are affecting the function of your nervous system and determine which areas of the body are not functioning properly. This assessment allows Dr. Magee to focus on the specific part of your spine to maximize your results. Article: McCoy, M. Paraspinal Thermography in the Analysis and Management of Vertebral Subluxation: A Review of the Literature. A. Vertebral Subluxation Res. 2011 July 14; 57-66

Postural X-rays

X-rays are taken to determine the structure and stress of your spine. Every spine is different and in order to best serve you, we need to see instead of guessing. Films reveal spinal pathologies and health, utilizing high tech equipment to minimize exposure to radiation.

Please note that x-rays are not taken every time.

Adjustment Style

The style of adjusting is that Dr. Erin offers includes drop table, computerized instrument adjusting, tonals and pressures which would include Logan Basic and TRT.

Help for Kids

At Balance Chiropractic, we know the best way to ensure your child develops to their full potential is to ensure the proper function of their nervous system. We have a saying in our office, it’s easier to raise healthy kids than fix sick adults.

Chiropractic care can be very beneficial for children. Even though kids are durable, misalignments in the spine can cause health concerns. The birthing process can be traumatic as well as the physiological stressors that continue throughout life. Kids fall and get back up again but we want to make sure that when they take that fall, we fix those misalignments before they cause issues down the road. It is our goal to make your child’s body strong enough to handle what life throws at us.

Ask About Our New Patient Special

If it’s your first time to Balance Chiropractic, you can take advantage of our new patient special: exam, consultation and neurological assessments for just $29!