What to Expect at Balance Chiropractic

We’re honored that you’ve chosen our Pineville chiropractic clinic for all your holistic health needs. Our welcoming practice is high energy and family oriented and is the ideal place to begin your journey to better health!

Improve physical and mental health. Wouldn’t you love to be able to do your favorite activities with less pain? Contact us to find out more.

At Balance Chiropractic we believe in treating the whole body rather than just one individual complaint. We know that everything is connected and can affect the whole body. This is why we focus on the nervous system to determine where there is interference and remove that interference to allow your body to heal at its optimal potential.

Your nervous system controls and coordinates everything single function of your body. If you nervous system is not function properly then not only do different aches and pains happen but also disease. Your nerves travel to every muscle, tissue and organ in your body. This is why we are able to help people with all different health concerns

Before You Arrive

You can save time by completing our brief paperwork before you arrive. You can download the adult or pediatric form here or we’re happy to email them to you. We also ask that you bring an insurance card if you have one and your driver’s license.

The First Visit

You can expect the following when you come in for this initial appointment:

  •  A consultation
  •  A review of your health history
  •  Neurological assessment
  • X-rays, if needed (including motion X-rays)

Please allow 45 minutes to an hour for this appointment. After you leave, Dr. Erin will review all of the assessments taken to prepare a care plan.