Pregnancy Care

Many women who are pregnant suffer from back pain and chiropractic care can be very beneficial. Research actually shows that 7 out of 10 women deal with significant low back pain during their pregnancy. The women’s body is undergoing a lot of changes; the big one being weight gain. With baby growing, the additional weight adds stress to the pelvic region. This results in constant pressure in the low back causing pain and other symptoms such as cramping and digestive issues.

Our doctor is trained to provide you with a specific plan to help you have a smooth and pleasant pregnancy. Our doctor is certified in the Webster technique which is a specific chiropractic technique for pregnant mamas. We provide very gentle and safe adjustments for mom and baby. More often than not, mothers who receive care during pregnancy experience less pain and avoid taking painkillers. Chiropractic care is beneficial for you and baby and research shows that it can even decrease labor time.

Our team is committed to creating a healthier community. Our doctor performs an evaluation on everyone that is safe and will provide the information needed to develop a treatment plan specific to that individual.

Chiropractic Care for Kids

The benefits of chiropractic care for children are immense. At Balance Chiropractic we know that the best way to ensure your child develops to their full potential is to ensure proper function of their nervous system. Kids are durable, they can fall and jump back up again, however, there can be long-term ramifications of misalignments in the spine. Children also have trouble expressing the type of pain or discomfort they have or they simply ignore it. While it may seem like children are invincible, they are not and a small misalignment can develop into a more severe condition.

Typically the first misalignment occurs in the womb or during the birthday process. When a child is being born, there tends to be a lot of pulling and pressure on the baby’s head to get the baby out. This much force on a tiny baby can lead to structural imbalances. Any interference in the spine will result in difficulties with the nervous system. A proper functioning nervous system is essential to maintaining optimal health.

Chiropractic care is beneficial for children of all ages. There is a lot of physiological stress throughout a child’s life from learning how to sit up, crawling, and walking. Whenever they learn a new skill, there are some bumps and hurdles that are bound to happen.

Children start to exhibit poor posture, playing physically tough games and sports, carrying heavy bookbags, and constantly looking down at computers and tablets.

Your Pineville chiropractor knows how to handle these bumps and bruises that occur during life. We love providing care to children and the whole family. When children may no be suffering from pain, our goal is to keep them staying healthy. It is much easier to keep you taking healthy and then fix you when you are broken.